When I think about leaders who I enjoy following, it comes down to two behaviors: joyfulness and maturity.   The best leaders I have experienced are not just visionaries, but they are mature people who care about the people they influence.  They handle relationships and tasks with excellence.  They carry a presence with them that they […]


July 1, 2021

Are You Leading from Joy or Fear?

RARE Transformation - Are You Leading from Joy or Fear

When I chose my first coach, I looked for one who coached from the expertise or “niche” I needed at that time. My first experience of working with a coach was because my career was no longer fulfilling and did not support the new lifestyle and demands of single parenting. I needed a vocational experience […]


March 31, 2021

Coach Selection Process and the Coach Engagement Checklist

Welcome to the RARE Women blog.  I am glad you are pausing to read our first post.  Our desire for this blog is to be a place you will look forward to reading. We want to provide helpful and meaningful content about resilience, relationships, renewal, growing in emotional maturity, as well as enhancing conversation quality. […]


March 30, 2021

Welcome to RARE Transformation

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